Annual Reading Contest

In this year´s annual reading contest the jury was very special and probably made the participants even more nervous: Mrs Eric Spindler served as a juror! He has been visiting our school for more than a decade and is spending some time in Wildeshausen right now with seven students from Galesburg, Illinois. Together with Tom Pössel, Cathy Hynh and Mrs Feldhus he struggled to determine who the best reader was.
The participants Lina Herzog, Hannes Herchenröder, Hanna Schäfer and Insa Loebe all presented their texts so very well that it was an extremely close decision in the end. After a first round of presenting texts the students had prepared at home and with the support of their English teachers they read an extract from Sheila Mc Bride‘s  “Sherlock saves the day!“ which they had never read before.
As mentioned, it was a close decision!
Lina Loebe won the first prize, congratulations!!!
Hannes achieved an awesome 2nd place! Congratulations!
And, crazy enough, Hanna and Lina also both won a 5€ voucher for our school shop “fairHandeln“ for the third place they have to share. Congratulations!

In the photos you can see
The moderator Mrs Sager, Cathy Hynh, Mr Spindler, Tom Pössel
The supporting audience
The participants Hannes, Insa, Hanna, Lina